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Serving the low income elderly and the disabled of Martha's Vineyard since 1977

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Affordable Rental Housing for the Low Income Elderly and the Disabled

Since 1977, with the help of federal and state funding, Island Elderly Housing, Inc. (IEH), a 501(c)(3) corporation, has been quietly offering affordable rental housing on Martha's Vineyard. The founders of IEH were dedicated to fulfilling the need for affordable rental housing for the Island's elderly and disabled - and they did it very well! Today, over 170 Vineyard residents call IEH their home.

And, in the 21st century we continue to be committed to providing quality, affordable housing and related services for independent living for the elderly and disabled on Martha's Vineyard. Our apartments are an important resource to the Island community - over 95% of our residents have family or relatives on the Island. Vineyard residents can continue to enjoy living on-Island while remaining an active and integral part of the lives of their family, friends and the Vineyard community without having to struggle with the burdens of owning their own home.

Our Campuses

Today, IEH provides 165 apartments in which the low income elderly and the disabled of the Vineyard have found a home. IEH has four campuses: Hillside Village and Love House in Vineyard Haven and Woodside Village and Aidylberg Village in Oak Bluffs. Woodside Village has 95 apartments, Hillside Village 55, Aidylberg Village 10 and Love House 5.

The buildings in each campus are located in pleasing Island landscapes and are built in keeping with Island architecture. Each apartment is fully self-sufficient. Some are designed for full access for the disabled and all accommodate independent living for residents. Each building has a community room where residents gather for meetings or social events, such as "Movie Night".

All the campuses are located on Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA) bus lines so that access to town and other Vineyard services is available.

Our Residents

Our residents come from all walks of life. Some were born and grew up on this Island. Others are "wash ashores". And still others have moved here to be near their children and grandchildren. The one thing those who live in our HUD-sponsored apartments have in common is age - they are all at least 62 years old. Those who live in Hillside Village have a disability and/or are at least 62 years old.

Through our Service Coordinator our residents are able to take advantage of the many services available on the Island. The Service Coordinator provides resources and referrals to the many Vineyard services, such as specific daily programs for the elderly and disabled, statewide contacts for assistance, or health, medical and homecare services, and other support that residents may need.

Costs and Funding

As of March 28, 2016, the annual income limit for a single individual to qualify to live at our HUD properties is $29,650 and $33,850 for a couple and at our USDA property is $31,350 and $35,800 for a couple. Since the federal government subsidizes the rent for our residents, residents pay 30% of their income for rent, the federal government pays the remaining rent.

We receive funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Agriculture Rural Development (USDA). This funding is for housing only. The supportive services we offer, such as transportation via the Blueberry Van and community meals, depend on the generosity of our supporters both on and off Island.

IEH complies with all HUD and USDA regulations that support fair housing, non-discrimination and access.